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Eco-Coat 1500 Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea

Eco-Coat 1500 is a Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea coating that is revolutionary to the floor & concrete coating marketplace. Epoxy based concrete coatings were once the standard coating for many industrial and architectural purposes such as in warehouses, big-box stores, and residential basements and garages, but advancements in technology have yielded a far superior alternative: Eco-Coat 1500. Eco-Coat 1500 is a 100% solids, Zero VOC Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea that delivers a seamless, elegant finish to any concrete surface.

Eco-Coat 1500 is a rapid return to use system that can be applied without the need for expensive equipment. The finished system provides an attractive finish that is stronger and more durable than concrete and able to withstand years of constant industrial level use without deteriorating or diminishing in aesthetic value. The coating system transforms dull concrete into a decorative, high gloss flooring that is simultaneously highly chemically resistant and will not fade or lose gloss over time from wear or sunlight exposure.  Most importantly, the innovative coating technology is a ZERO VOC product that will neither off gas nor contribute to indoor air pollutants, and the system fully cures in under 24 hours, permitting a rapid return to use of the treated area eliminating downtime and keeping business going.

Its versatile technology serves many markets including schools, airports, hospitals, residential garages and driveways, malls, shopping centers, commercial warehousing, and manufacturing floor space.



  1. Garage Flooring
  2. Warehouse Flooring
  3. Commercial Kitchens
  4. Mechanical Rooms
  5. Tool Sheds 
  6. Showrooms
  7. Outdoor Patios 
  8. Driveways
  9. Swimming Pool Decks
  10. Sidewalks

Advantages Over Other Coatings

  1. Eco-Friendly - Zero VOCs or Off Gassing
  2. Adds Tremendous Value to Your Home
  3. Easy to Apply (No Expensive Equipment)
  4. Fast Turn Around Time (Less than 1 Day)
  5. Long Lasting Corrosion Protection
  6. High Gloss, Abrasion Resistant Finish
  7. UV Stable -Will NOT FADE or Yellow
  8. Innovative Polyaspartic Polyurea System
  9. Superb Adhesion, Will Not Peel, Blister or Flake
  10. Will not Peal from Hot Tire Exposure
  11. Ideal for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use
  12. 10 Year Product and 5 Year Labor Warranty