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Eco-Cool Roof 5000 Features and Benefits

Eco-Cool Roof 5000 benefits building owners and the environment as follows:

  • Lower rooftop temperatures lead to reduced cooling loads and air conditioning use
  • Reduces wear and tear on air conditioning systems and creates greater efficiency at lower temperatures
  • Lowers ambient air temperatures inside buildings and increases occupant comfort & worker productivity
  • Increases roof longevity
  • Reduces energy use during peak electricity demand hours avoids the need for rolling black-outs
  • Lower energy use results in reduced emissions of carbon dioxide, particulate matter, and other air pollutants
  • Demonstrates your company's commitment to sustainable design and a healthier environment
  • Qualifies for LEED credits        

What Other Features and Benefits does Eco-Cool Roof 5000 Deliver?

  • Tremendous Energy Savings Produced by our Superior Solar Reflectance Index Value of 105**
  • Environmentally Friendly; Eco-Cool Roof contains  LESS Than 1 Gram Per Liter VOCs
  • The coating will never Blister, Crack, Flake, or Peel
  • It is self-cleaning & highly resistant to Mold, Mildew, and other Fungal growth
  • Its incredible resilience will maintain high levels of Solar Reflectivity and Thermal Emittance Over its Lifetime
  • Simultaneously creates an envelope that is an impenetrable moisture barrier while allowing trapped water vapors escape the facility preventing interior mold and mildew growth
  • Bridges cracks creating a impenetrable roofing system that prevents leaking and water intrusion
  • Superior "Perm" Rating allows trapped vapors from moisture and condensation to permeate to the exterior of the building
  • Exceptional resilience to ponding or standing water
  • Easy to install