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Eco-Coat 1500 Features and Beneftis

Ease of Installation

Installation begins by using a diamond grinding combination vacuum system to remove surface contaminants, reduce surface irregularities, and reopen the concrete’s micro-capillaries and pores. The coating system’s Polyaspartic resins permit the application by brushes, rollers or airless sprayers and can be completed using teams of two (2) to three (3). Both applicators and customers benefit. Eliminating the use of expensive dual component spray rigs makes the job more cost effective and easier to perform.

Rapid Return to Use

In both small and large spaces, the preparation and product application can be completed within one (1) day. Time to re-coat averages less than one (1) hour between coats; the typical installation of all three coats requires four (4) to five (5) hours, and once completed, full operational use can resume on the treated surface in under twenty-four (24) hours. 


HEAT - Unlike many coating systems, extreme heat loads will not compromise the integrity of the coating’s surface. This feature is especially important to surfaces exposed to the high heat carried by the tires of vehicles and machinery or the spillage of hot liquids.

CHEMICALS - The coating’s dry film is highly resistant to most chemicals, and even exposure to many of the most detrimental chemicals will not sacrifice the performance of Eco-Coat 1500.

SOLAR UV - UV radiation tends to excite the molecular structure of coatings causing discoloration, fading and loss gloss retention; however, Eco-Coat 1500 is an aliphatic coating that demonstrates excellent UV resistance and color and gloss retention.


Sustainable construction is at the core of green construction and retrofitting. Eco-Coat 1500 coated concrete floors have an outstanding level of durability and performance. The superior longevity of Eco-Coat 1500 is the surest environmentally friendly and economically sensible investment.

Composition & Zero VOC Off Gassing and Improved Indoor Air Quality

Eco-Protective Products uses bio based ingredients and  recycled material in the manufacture and application of Eco-Coat 1500. Additionally, both concrete products and Eco-Coat 1500 are composed of Zero VOC materials, thus neither contributing toward the production of ozone nor gradually off-gassing indoor air pollutants.  Lastly, Eco-Coat 1500’s impenetrable, easily cleaned finish prevents moisture accumulation, inhibiting superficial and subsurface microbial growth.

Hassle Free Maintenance 

Cement floors and surfaces coated with Eco-Coat 1500 have extremely low maintenance requirements and costs. A thorough cleaning involves only a light hosing or mopping with a slight amount of detergent. In comparison, other surface coatings require buffing, stripping, and reapplication of gloss coatings to maintain a similar finish, and carpeted floors require energy intensive daily vacuuming and periodic steam cleaning. Eco-Coat 1500 is stain resistant and impenetrable to most chemical spills, requiring only a moist rag to clean most commonly spilled contaminants.