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Eco-Coat 1500 FAQ

Q: Is Eco-Coat 1500 the solution to my concrete coating needs?

A: Eco-Coat 1500 is designed to deliver a rigid, seamless finish to both vertical and planar concrete surfaces. Once cured, Eco-Coat 1500 exhibits a greater impact resistance, tensile strength, and chemical and abuse resiliency than bare concrete. Eco-Coat 1500 is ideal for a wide variety of end uses ranging from accenting a garage floor with a durable coating system to use in commercial kitchens.

Eco-Coat 1500 is ideal for use indoors in garages, showrooms, basements, kitchens, hallways, atriums, and warehouses. Outside, because it is UV/ color stable, it is a perfect solution for decorative concrete patios, pathways and driveways.

Q: What are the advantages of Eco-Coat 1500 versus coatings bought from box stores?

A: Unlike epoxy and urethane coatings sold in many stores, Eco-Coat 1500 is a Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea. This coating system is uniquely formulated to provide quick return to use in any setting. Application usually can be completed in less than one (1) day and can allow foot traffic within two (2) hours and full operational use within twenty-four (24) hours. This is a great benefit over epoxy and urethane systems that require as much as a week to apply and to fully cure.

Eco-Coat 1500 demonstrates exceptional adhesion properties to all concrete surfaces and will not peel, flake or chip. Additionally, the coating is UV stable allowing it to retain uniform coloring and gloss even after prolonged exposure to sunlight. 

Q: Does it take a long time to install Eco-Coat 1500?

A: In most applications, Eco-Coat 1500 can be installed in less than one day. This is perfect for homeowners who cannot store belongings outside of the garage for more than one day. Additionally, in locations that require rapid return to use such as manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and commercial kitchens, Eco-Coat 1500 minimizes downtime to maximize operational use and business operations. 

Q: How long does Eco-Coat 1500 last before needing to be reapplied?

A: Eco-Coat 1500 is guaranteed to perform like new and resist fading, peeling, and chipping for ten (10) years; however, laboratory tests suggest the product is capable, under normal conditions, to last the lifetime of the structure. The unparalleled durability of Eco-Coat 1500 makes it the ideal flooring solution for any facility.

Q: How do I clean Eco-Coat 1500 to maintain its shine?

A: Unlike other coatings that require constant attention to keep clean and attractive, Eco-Coat 1500 is very low maintenance. Other coatings require frequent stripping and re-sealing or waxing to maintain a shiny, vibrant finish whereas Eco-Coat 1500 will not dull or fade and only needs the occasional attention of a mop and soapy water to keep it clean and glossy.

Q: Do I need to regularly buff the floor to maintain a high gloss?

A: The innovative formulation of Eco-Coat 1500 is uniquely resilient to light exposure and heavy traffic, thus making it very effective at maintaining its shine without the need to use expensive, energy consuming buffing equipment.

Q: Does Eco-Coat 1500 release offensive odors during installation or off gas over time?

A: Eco-Coat 1500 is a very high-solids formulation and contains Zero Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s).  Not only does the product not off-gas to release fumes into the air like many alternative coatings, but within one (1) to two (2) hours following application, there is no trace of odor left from the product’s application.

Q: Is Eco-Coat 1500 an eco-friendly product?

A: Eco-Protective Products uses bio based, readily renewable ingredients and recycled material in the production of Eco-Coat 1500. Additionally, many of our aggregate broadcast systems use recycled materials including post-consumer products.

Both cement based and polyurea Polyaspartic systems are composed of Zero VOC materials, thus not contributing toward the production of ozone or creating inhospitable working conditions due to of25fensive fumes and odors that accompany many coating systems. Eco-Coat 1500 exhibits no off gassing over the life of the cured floor, and the impermeable, cleanable aggregate finish prevents water and moisture accumulation, inhibiting microbial growth. Eco-Coat 1500 serves to create a mold-free environment with improved indoor air quality.

Q: How long after coating with Eco-Coat 1500 can I start using the floor as intended?

A: For the end-user, the return to use time of Eco-Coat 1500 is truly an invaluable benefit. The application process can be completed in one day in most cases, and once the final coat has been applied, light foot traffic can resume in as little as one (1) hour, and the space can be returned to full operational use within twenty-four (24) hours in most cases.

This is extremely important in manufacturing facilities, commercial spaces, and restaurant kitchens where operational downtime is a major impediment to normal business. For homeowners’ garages, the installation of an epoxy might require storage of cars and belongings outside of the garage for multiple days, but with Eco-Coat 1500, everything can be replaced the very next day.

Eco-Coat 1500 is a fast cure system. In most cases, concrete surfaces can be properly prepped and coated with Eco-Coat 1500 in one (1) workday. More resounding is the rapid return to use time of less than twenty-four (24) hours versus three (3) to five (5) days with epoxy and urethane coatings.

Q: What protection does Eco-Coat 1500 provide the coated surface?

Eco-Coat 1500 is extremely durable. Once cured, the coating is harder than concrete and demonstrates superb resiliency to operational use, chemical exposure, extreme heat loads, blunt impact, and Ultra Violet light.

Q: What colors and aggregate systems are available?

A: Eco-Coat 1500 comes in 6 standard colors: Slate Gray, Charcoal, Earthen Tan, White, Brick Red, and Ocean Blue. Our aggregate systems are available in color stable Quartz and Decorative Flakes in a wide variety of color combinations. More information about the aggregate systems can be found at

Q: Do the Eco-Coat 1500 aggregate broadcast systems provide a slip resistant surface that meets OSHA regulations?

A: OSHA requires a slip resistant surface to have a coefficient of friction greater than 0.5 for both wet and dry surfaces. Our flake aggregate systems meet these guidelines, and for superior traction, use our quartz broadcast systems that exceed the OSHA guidelines quite substantially.

Q: Does Eco-Coat 1500 carry a manufacturer’s warranty?

A: Yes. Eco-Coat 1500 carries a 10-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty guarantees the product will not peel, chip, flake, fade or yellow during the warranted period; however, we are confident the system will continue performing at optimal levels long after the duration of the warranty ends.