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Eco-Cool Roof System Application Process

Application on Existing Built-Up Roofing (BUR) Surface

The existing roofing surface is a Built Up Roof with a tar surface. Although this surface helps maintain a water tight envelope, it effectively creates a heat sink that greatly increases energy consumption and is a detriment to the operator's bottom line. 

The initial step in this retrofit is to remove any dust, dirt, and debris from the existing surface.

Priming the surface will enable optimal adhesion of the cool roofing material and long-lasting durability and performance.

Once the surface has been primed, a fabric is embedded within the initial coat of Eco-Cool Roof to enhance performance and durability. 

Embedding the fabric in product base coat at all penetrations, curbs, and terminations. 

A top coat of Eco-Cool Roof is applied to give the new roofing surface superior Solar Reflectivity and Thermal Emittance that will actively reduce energy consumption and decrease the facility's interior temperatures. 

The transformation from an inefficient, ineffective roofing surface to an energy efficient, durable, long-lasting surface is complete.