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Bio-Shield Features and Benefits

   EPA registered agents in Bio-Shield reduce microbial populations that come into contact with the coating’s surface. This technology inhibits the microbial cells from functioning, growing and reproducing which effectively protects the coating from deterioration attributed to fungal growth as well as inhibits the development of odors resulting from bacterial growth on the paint.

★   The antimicrobial protection in Bio-Shield inhibits microbial growth such as bacteria, mold and mildew that can cause stains or odors on the painted surface of walls or ceilings.

★   Compared to traditional paint, Bio-Shield’s ability to inhibit microbial growth on the coating is truly revolutionary.

★   Advanced acrylic polymer system provides enhanced durability versus traditional interior paint

  • Resists heavy scrubbing, cleaning, and everyday use
  • Long lasting durability reduces facility downtime, maintenance costs, and repainting frequency

★   Eco-friendly - Low VOC & Low Odor

★   Qualifies for LEED Credit IEQ 4.2 Low Emitting Materials: Paints and Coatings – 1 Point

★   Waterborne acrylic emulsion

  • Water based product that requires no offensive or irritating solvents
  • Does not require operational shutdown; can be applied while staff and guests are present

★   Excellent resistance to dirt, stains, and scuffing and requires no special cleaners

  • Common cleaners work perfectly; or just use soap and water

★   Will not dull over time - keeps painted surfaces looking vibrant and inviting to staff and guests

★   Antimicrobial agents will not wash away or wear off providing long-lasting protection

★   Applies like regular paint - no need for expensive equipment

★   Great coverage and hiding ability. In many cases, it only requires 1 coat.

★   Available in a wide variety of colors. Custom color matching available to complement any facilitys interior design.