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Bio-Shield Interior Coating

What will Bio-Shield Interior Coating Do?

Bio-Shield Interior Coating is the latest innovation in paint and coating technology.  Engineered to protect the coating from the growth of microorganisms, Bio-Shield Interior Coating contains an antimicrobial agent that creates an inhospitable environment for proliferation and growth of microbial cells whose presence can inhibit the performance of the coating.

The dry-film surface of paint can provide a fertile environment for the propagation of odor causing bacteria and the growth of stain causing molds and mildews.  EPA registered antimicrobial technology, manufactured into Bio-Shield Interior Coating, effectively protects the paint from the growth and spread of microbial cultures mitigating the development of organisms that can deteriorate the coating’s film integrity and overall performance. In addition to inhibiting the growth of molds and mildews, this advanced formulation retards the growth and action of odor causing bacteria populations.

The coating’s unique, active microbe reducing property is not the only important feature. Bio-Shield Interior Coating is manufactured to be an environmentally friendly, eco-conscious product. Without sacrificing performance, Bio-Shield is a LOW VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) product and will not contribute to ozone and smog production. Additionally, the coating does not produce any offensive or noxious odors allowing quick return to use in freshly painted areas. Bio-Shield incorporates clean, naturally occurring water as a solvent that, once evaporated, leaves a cured film that will never off-gas or contribute to indoor air pollutants.

Bio-Shield Interior Coating is exceptionally durable and will withstand years of regular cleaning and scrubbing, operational use and light exposure without dulling, peeling, chipping or necessitating repainting. Bio-Shield Interior Coating applies just like regular paint and demonstrates excellent adhesion to many substrate types including drywall, concrete, masonry block, brick and more. The application does not require special equipment making it ideal for any type of interior wall or ceiling.  In addition to its breakthrough microbial inhibitive technology, this product provides a hassle free, low-maintenance, long-lasting durability found in few interior paints.