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About Us

ECO Systems International, LLC  is committed to deliver innovative, energy-efficient, eco friendly product systems to meet the challenging issues of 21st Century facility and resource management. Each of our systems delivers exceptional performance, industry leading longevity, and unprecedented value to any facility or commercial structure. 


Our primary goal is to provide our customers the value of durable, long lasting systems that efficiently utilize resources, and, where applicable, provide enhanced energy efficiencies at a cost-effective, economically sound rate. To simultaneously provide increased energy efficiency, improved resource management, and an eco-friendly solution to paint and coating needs,  ECO Systems International represents the superior coatings of Eco-Protective Products, LLC, a full service manufacturer of high efficiency, thermal barrier paints & coatings and high-performance polyurea coatings for the Manufacturing, Real Estate, Military and Facility Management industries. 


As green construction and retrofitting continues its move toward the mainstream from a fringe market, along with, Eco-Protective Products, Eco-Solutions International aims to be the preeminent name in the application and project management of eco-friendly, high performance products and systems.